dinsdag 23 maart 2010

I'd give you

This is a part of the poem i wrote for my lovely little sister's birthday.

i'd give you
the world
and things you wanna be

but i cant give you more
than just me

© Lise


That's what you get... ;)

when i woke up in some place
and lost everything i owened
i knew that i was out that night
and that i had been stoned

© Lise


Last night i couldn't sleep, so i wrote this one.

as men
searching for truth in their lifes
i searched for you

and when i finally got there
i didn't knew
if it was true

© Lise

For my friend that died

Last year a person i knew really well died. Friday it was one year ago he passed.

It's a thing
i can't hold thight
it's been a year
since you died
our lifes went on
without you my dear
but we miss you
just wish you were still here

© Lise

For my love

This is a little poem i wrote for my boyfriend ! I love you !

Like hearts
beat fast
and blow away

hold on
don't go
just stay

© Lise